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GUNs. Dogs. Cool shit.




What is the 1911 SYNDICATE?

 We're a real estate brand dedicated to serving the gun, dog, military, law enforcement, and first responder communities. 

We are 100% catered to our niche clientele.  We know that buying or selling a house is a pain.  And your typical real estate agent shows up in a suit and tie, with gel in his hair, a clean shaven face, no dog, and doesn't even pack a discreet Glock 43. 

As much as anything, we're a platform to entertain, connect, and educate like minded people.  Check out what's happening at the 1911 Syndicate.

When we close a deal together, we don't give you a $50 Target gift card.  We take you to a shooting course, or have a custom knife made for you, or maybe have one of our local affiliates come in to teach you house clearing for your new home. 


Let's Connect 

(310) 882-0757

Salt Lake City


Who are JAKE and FINN:

 I'm Jake, yes I have one of the most popular dog names in America.  But I'm a man, and Finn is the dog.  Our tale started in Wyoming in 2015.  I was shooting in a carbine course where I got my first experience of a Malinois.  A go anywhere, do anything dog that would lay his life down to make sure his handler goes home at night......I was in. 

Finn spent a year and a half training full time while I lived in CA.  We moved to Utah in 2016 to get a fresh start.  When I got into real estate, it was suggested I market myself by mailing out holiday recipe postcards.  Veto.  The idea for the 1911 Syndicate came soon after as a desire to ditch the suit and tie and cater to an audience we can relate to.

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Utah is our home base.  First time buyer?  We're going to walk you through the process and educate you along the way.  If you're confused, we haven't done our job.  The buying process typically starts months in advance.  If you're a first time buyer, reach out to us so we walk you through the process from start to finish.  Selling your home?  No doubt, you want a lot of money for it and you want it quickly.  Good news, I will be there from start to finish to make that happen.  We cater to the person.  We are NOT a one size fits all company, whatever your needs, that's what we're here to do.


We have 1911 Syndicate affiliates all over the country.  If you like what we do but you don't live in Utah, we either have, or find, a local partner for you.  Let me assure you, you DO NOT want to use your 3rd cousin's, barber's ex girlfriend as your agent.  Let's be honest, most real estate agents suck.  Choose wisely my friends, by having us make the connection for you.


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Episode 1

Jake sits down with Adam from Joe Firearms to discuss the Kalashnikov platform. 

They discuss everything from AK fundamentals, various calibers, common misconceptions, and customization. 

Joe Firearms is based out of Sandy Utah and specializes in the the AK platform.


episode 2

Jake sits down with David and Mason from Team Blacksheep. 

Team Blacksheep works with adaptive athletes to maximize their peak athletic performance.  David is currently opening a gym for adaptive athletes in Salt Lake City.  Mason is an double amputee who is currently training to break the adaptive deadlift record, he is building towards a 1000 pound deadlift. 

Following them on Instagram at @blacksheepathleticusa and @masonhall_adaptive_strongman


Episode 3: This week we're sitting down with Thomas Tison. Thomas is an active duty Marine recruiter station in Sandy, UT. We discuss a wide range of topics ranging from the current status of military recruiting, MARSOC, benefits to serving in the Marines, consideration for young people interested in the service. Also discussed....Fedex.....Little Caesars $5 hot and ready......and Double Cheesy Gordita Crunch. To contact Thomas regarding Marine opportunities: 801-571-6934

This week we sit down with Miyo Strong. Miyo is a friend, stud athlete, Jiu Jitsu competitor, photographer, amongst other things. We talk about fitness and diet, keto, fasting, jiu jitsu, benefits of having a mentally consuming hobby, and many other things.

You can follow Miyo on Instagram at: utahjitsmama

This week we're sitting down with Jake Hutchinson. Jake is a key part of Gym Jones, and Salt Lake based (with nationwide programming) fitness and training facility. We talk a lot about fitness, training, mindset, and variety of topics. Check out

This week we're talking with Lunar Sayakhammy. Lunar is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He came in to teach me to basics of hunting before I headed onto my first elk hunt. This is a great conversation for those who have an interest in getting into hunting.

Meet some professionals


We sit down with JEDEDIAH HARDMAN from Low VA Rates. Jed is a mortgage broker, and this is our attempt to educate our viewers about buying a home. We discuss, the difference in giving and loaning, stress eating, creative branding, the exciting tale of how Jed became a loan officer, and many more things. We hope you enjoy this insightful interview.


We meet a man whose identity cannot be revealed. Escrow officers apparently are as secretive as cartels. Regardless, we discuss old folks, crotch blowouts AND ass blowouts, what is a title officer, idiot real estate agents, and many other things.

Are you ready to be thrilled? Enthralled? You're in luck. On this week's episode of Meet a Professional, we talk to Nicole & Company. Nicole is a home stager and interior designer. We talk about turning on lamps, paint colors, cheezits, prison reality shows, Hilary pants suits and much much more. You can check them out at